Monday, September 27, 2010

Issues related to the domestic domain

What is the domestic domain, regulatory agencies, where is?

Refers to the domestic domain. Cn domain name for the end; management bodies are: the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

* What are the domestic domain name registration issues?
(1) Domestic English domain name registration steps
. to three kinds of domain name suffix, the application steps:
Login Members Area --- business --- a day for about success.
(2) when the domestic domain to submit complete application information, and mail the application form or on a business license does not match, Can I change?
Successful applicants later changed. Contact person for registration and registered his organization can not be changed. For a change go through ownership transfer.
(3) Note.
Contact the domestic domain management domain name registration must be man himself, managing contacts applicant must be the domain of people, that management contact name, address and postal code and name in English and Chinese must apply for the same unit of information.

* Domestic domain query interface for that?
Domestic domain query interface: China Internet Network Information Center or in the resource domain name service interface.

* Conditions of the domestic domain name registration and selection principles?
Registration conditions: domain name registration applicant must be legally registered and able to independently assume civil liability of organizations, individuals can not apply for registration of domain names. Domain name registration application form on behalf of various types of contacts are organized to handle all matters relating to domain name registration. Domain contractors are not in their personal capacity to handle domain name registration application, but representatives.
Principle of selection: can use the characters are 26 English letters, 10 numerals and dash "-" (not including the next dash "_") for up to 20 characters without spaces. Can not contain illegal content, or the name of national leaders, can not be the organization name or names.

* For what information must be submitted to the domestic domain name?
Applications do not need to mail the domestic domain material that can be directly submitted to our company online application system, online registration was successful. (Our company is not currently available. domain name registration service)

* Not registered or need the approval of the registration provisions of the domestic English domain names are what?
Need not be registered or registered domestic English domain name:
(1), other units have been pre-registered the domain name registered or not registered;
(2) shall not use another person has registered in China, business name or trade name;
(3) shall not be used on the national, social or public interests to the detriment of the name;
(4) for the three domain names of two Chinese Internet domain names with the same name, can not be registered;
(5) individuals can not apply for the domestic domain.

What is Chinese Domain Name CNNIC?
CNNIC Chinese domain name by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) management suffix. CN;. The company;. China;. Network, a common Chinese language domain names. Such as the China Software Network. China.

* China and the. Com domain names in Chinese what a difference?
Management organizations, the Chinese suffix is managed by the CNNIC, the English suffix is managed by the NSI.

路 CNNIC Chinese domain name registration rules, selection principles and registration requirements?
(1) CNNIC Chinese domain name selection principles?
1) The character length limit in 20 Chinese domain name no longer than 20 characters)
2) end to end can not have illegal characters such as: - ,+,@,&, etc. (Chinese domain name should contain Chinese characters, and may contain letters (AZ, az, case equivalent), numbers (0-9) or connectors ( -). at all levels with a solid point between the Chinese domain name (.) connection)
3) can not be pure English or digital domain
4) shall not contain the text against the State and the Government
5) automatic exchange of Simplified and Traditional
(2) whether it can with digital, how to be found on the date?
1) can with digital, but at least with one character.
2) When I registered in the membership system to manage domain name services domain name list can be found at the date of filing and expiration date.
(3) CNNIC Chinese domain name registration terms?
Only units in order to register, individuals can not be registered for the time being. Without providing any information.

路 CNNIC Chinese domain name query interface for that?
CNNIC Chinese domain name query interface:

鈥?Registered Chinese. China, I also get the other domain?
Yes. As suggested by our site:
(1) Register, "Chinese domain name. China" will automatically be "Chinese domain names. CN" and the corresponding order. "China" ". CN" domain name for the traditional suffix.
(2) registered "Chinese domain names. The company" will automatically be consistent with "Chinese domain names. Company" Simplified and Traditional domain.
(3) registration, "Chinese domain name. Network" will automatically be consistent with "Chinese domain names. Network" Simplified and Traditional domain.

What is the domestic domain name registration information changes?
Changes in domestic domain name registration information is changed in addition to registration and the domestic domain other than domain name registration information, including address of the registrant, technical contact person.

* Changes in domestic domain name registration information in steps?
(1) First check that the domain name in
(2) Direct can visit the Members Area - Domain Name Service - domain name purchase - value-added services domain name - changes in domestic English information submitted to modify the domain name business.


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Using filter effects create fantastic images

Complete results are as follows:

1. Create a new document, width and height are 800 pixels, 600 pixels. Fill the image with a black background, the foreground and background color set to black and white, respectively. Select the menu "Filter> render> clouds", as shown.

2. Select the menu "Filter> Pixelate> copperplate engraving" in the pop-up dialog box, select the type of short strokes.

And the effect is as follows (due to the company using a win2k + ps6.0, under the map interface style is different, we make do with Kanba ^_^):

3. Then the key step in the implementation. Select the menu "Filter> Fuzzy> radial blur." Parameter settings are as follows:
Quantity: 100
Fuzzy methods: Zoom
Quality: best

Implementation of the 2 times of the operation, get a distorted effect, shown in Figure.


4. Select the menu "Filter> distort> rotation distortions", set the angle of 120 degrees. Rotate the image slightly.

5. Now is not the image look more interesting? Next we will go further and make it more interesting and mysterious. Copy the current layer (if you create a new document using the system default settings, then the current should be only one layer, the background layer), and then use the method of step 4, copy the layer to operate. Note that this time we need to set the rotation angle of -180 degrees. Completed, and then mixed into the layers brighten. Of course, the use of other models will be different layers of interesting effects, you can personally test it.

6. Now add a little color for the image. Select the menu "Image> adjust> hue / saturation" in the pop-up menu, make the following settings:
Hue: 0
Saturation: 25
Brightness: 0
Color: Select

This will become a reddish color image transfer. Of course, you need not be limited to such a color, you can transfer it into any color you want.

7. Now the image looks pretty good. But we have room for improvement well. Repeat step 6 of the operation, but this time we are operating against the background layer, set the following parameters:
Hue: 202
Saturation: 63
Brightness: 0
Color: Select

8. Finally, we remove the image in some of the fuzzy pixels, sharpening the image. First merge layers, select the menu "Layer> Merge visible layers." Then select "Filter> Sharpen> USM sharpening" parameter as follows:

Quantity: 500%
Radius: 0.5 pixels
Threshold: 0 Levels

OK, you're done.

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