Thursday, July 29, 2010

"PR Police" solely on the "backside"

The morning of November 28, Wuhu City, a traffic police detachment to the journalists, "the establishment of traffic police detachment on the public relations committee of the notice." According to notice, Wuhu City traffic police detachment was set up to public relations committee, namely the Office of Public Relations, Working Committee of the Captains in command, 80 traffic police officers is "public relations the police."

It is understood that the establishment of Wuhu city, "Police public relations" because the one is "to eliminate misunderstandings and contradictions, so that people understand the traffic police work, to obtain public support and enhance the overall image of the police." Second, the "once police complaints, discipline inspection departments investigate and deal with, 'PR police' will be responsible for the interpretation of the complainant, until satisfaction."

To be honest, the traffic police team from the original set up a "Police public relations", such operation can achieve, "the people" the effect of the author is, of doubt. I see the "PR police" so-called etiquette demands, nothing more than "dress neat, polite manners, speech-friendly, presentation of evidence, and tell people how to deal with being punished and their rights." I surprise: Is that common among traffic police in law enforcement there is no such a request? Could it be that the public in the face of non-"PR police" will have no legal right to enjoy freedom? Both the traffic police, or Huji Jing, are working in The first line of law enforcement officers, from another point of view, each working in front-line law enforcement officers are in fact a "public relations officer." For Wuhu City traffic police detachment on the "Once police complaints and discipline inspection departments investigate and deal with, 'PR police' will be responsible for the interpretation of the complainant until the satisfaction" of the idea, in my opinion, it is a "bottoms "public relations behavior.

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